9 mounths later…

9 months have passed since the book on the opening of a service center helps managers and private masters to conduct business. In the book he described the practical experience that he has collected since 2011 – this is the working technology of the ITSA service center! This will help set up your service center and introduce a number of measures to improve its effectiveness. It manifests itself through an increase in profitability and market share. Thank you for your regular purchases, trust and interest.

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Why the business of repairing gadgets and electronics will withstand any crisis

A crisis is a moment when people’s priorities change dramatically under the influence of an external force. Each businessman asks himself a question – what will happen next in a week, two, a month, half a year? What should I do in connection with this situation?
The fact is that there is no answer to this question. Nobody knows what will be for sure, there is no forecast. Around rumors and assumptions.
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