The book “How to open a service center for the repair of gadgets and electronics. Practical Guide ”

In touch Kutsenko Eugene, businessman and business coach. I am engaged in service business since 2011 in the city of Odessa. I want to tell you about the book on the opening of a service center. Go!

This is the first book in the world on the business of repairing gadgets and electronics. Over the years, I have met only articles and snippets of information, but I have not found a single manual. Therefore, after several years of work on the structuring and verification of information, the implementation of their best practices, this book appeared.

A well-established service business is a kind of candle factory that will never leave its owner penniless.

The purpose of writing is to form a market for quality services in this area. I am sure that a competitor in our area is a person on the other side of the counter, that is, our client. Only he decides to repair the equipment in the service center, do it yourself or just buy a new one. Therefore, introducing controls into your service, you, as a leader, create a high-quality repair product, and as a result, form a culture of equipment repair, careful use and reduction of waste on the planet. The more people will be happy with the repair services, the more they will want to use it!

What could be useful for you

The book presents the main management points that you need to pay attention to in creating a system business, and not just a self-organized workplace. In it you can find documented work technology, instructions and algorithms for employees, ways to attract customers, sensible personnel, maintaining discipline, calculating prices, economics, and much more.

This book is an investment in your business! This is a roadmap to increase the profitability of a practitioner and trainer in this field since 2011, confirmed by specific formulas and calculations.

About value

At first, I thought of formalizing it with training and selling it as a separate course at $ 500 for 12 lessons. Then he decided to form a video course for the price of $ 300. But he noticed that I have many subscribers who do not need a course, but need accurate and short answers to their questions. As a result, this book appeared. The price for now is not $ 199 and not $ 99, but only $ 22. Only $ 22 you can pay for the eight-year experience of a person who describes the anatomy of the service business, specific step-by-step steps that need to be taken to create a service center and a branch network based on it, which brought him more than one thousand dollars in this area. Whether it’s worth $ 22 is up to you.

PRICE 99$, 22$

Photo book on the opening of a service center

Video review

PRICE 99$, 22$


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How to buy?

You can write to me by mail or telegram  letter with the headline “I want to buy a book”, and I will send you the details for payment.