Why the business of repairing gadgets and electronics will withstand any crisis

A crisis is a moment when people’s priorities change dramatically under the influence of an external force. Each businessman asks himself a question – what will happen next in a week, two, a month, half a year? What should I do in connection with this situation?
The fact is that there is no answer to this question. Nobody knows what will be for sure, there is no forecast. Around rumors and assumptions.

But still there is a way out, and it is not in the forecast, but something more fundamental – this is the basic human needs. This is not only the Maslow pyramid, but the usual issues that each of us resolves regularly.

Basic needs can be divided into such sections as 1. Food and basic necessities, 2. Body functioning and physical protection, 3. Communication and communication.

Communication and Communication
A man is so arranged that he cannot remain alone for a long time. He just needs contacts with other people (with the exception of some people). In the age of technology, these communications are carried out through electronic devices – telephones, laptops, computers, servers, routers, routers. There are many power plants that provide power to these devices, such as power supplies, transformers, voltage stabilizers, uninterruptible power supplies. All means of communication are material, which means when it fails – it is a matter of time. This may be a human factor or an accident, nevertheless, it can be noted that most devices need to be repaired for one simple reason – during a crisis, people consider every penny and it is always more economical to restore a device than to throw it away and buy a new one.

Food and essentials
To make basic necessities, how to bake bread for a housing stock, you need to grind grain for something (the basis of the mill is an electric motor), knead the dough (a dough mixer that runs on electricity), bake in electric stoves. Whatever goods are taken, there are electrical devices in the production and sale process. As you understand, the equipment wears out and breaks down, you need to change the components and assemblies, restore them, do regular maintenance.

Body functioning and physical protection
Medicine has stepped far forward and the current treatment of the body is very different from the times of Avicenna. Yes, you can look at the throat without electricity and write a rinse, but the story is different – about medicine as a field of activity, and not a local phenomenon. Any research and operations cannot be done without special devices. In a crisis, and especially when it is associated with an epidemic, we need people and organizations who will service the infrastructure, and how can we do without the maintenance and repair of medical equipment. Even a simple tonometer or a wrist bracelet for measuring body parameters is crammed with electronics. Therefore, you yourself understand where the wind blows.
For protection, the same thing – this is primarily the speed of response. But how can you react quickly if the message is not delivered on time to the tuple? Security systems, communications, alarms, processing for data processing cannot normally exist without computers in one form or another.

What conclusions can we draw?
Now we will not return to the primitive system, a person does not see himself without electricity. Electricity launches electronic devices. Without such devices, the modern world does not seem and, accordingly, people and organizations are needed that can establish, maintain, configure it. A service center is one of many anti-crisis businesses that helps people survive (provide three basic needs). Now is the golden time for him, because people will not buy iPhones for $ 1000, and the labor market is changing and you can find good specialists. All in your hands. Who needs support in the service business, I will be glad to help. Write in a personal or telegram https://t.me/KutsenkoE

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